Prayers and Petitions

Acts 3:19

9 January, 2023

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.  Acts 3:19

Almighty and Eternal God, how Benevolent are you, dear Lord! Your Light is shone on the believers and the unbelievers and your Mercy is shown to both saints and sinners. You sent a Messiah and Redeemer into the world to save sinners, who were so ingrained into sinful lives, that they had to be drawn out of the depths of iniquity and shown the way of Truth and Life, of which they were ignorant, because of their deep depravity into pleasures of the earth.

Our Deliverer Jesus Christ revealed the joys to be obtained in the heavenly realms in the presence of our God, and the deadly consequences of wickedness and iniquity. All those who are afflicted through the influence of the dark ruler of the world, are called to seek refuge in a Just God by repentance of their sins. In life, we experience fiery trials and deliverance from them is to be clothed in purity, which refreshes and cools the soul. We abhor our sins and choose to amend our lives with your transforming graces, dear Lord.

We surrender our lives to Jesus, Who empowers us to throttle the stronghold of sin. Surround us with refreshing showers O Lord, release us from sinful afflictions, and grant deliverance to those who turn away from the ravages of wickedness, to truly fear and serve you. We dedicate our lives to you and pray that we come into the presence of our Lord and God, with sanctified spirits. We long for the bliss and glory of our heavenly abode, to reside with our God, the object of our beatitude, the Giver of all comfort, the Strength of all the afflicted, the Refuge of all sinners, and in the company of Jesus our Lord. Amen

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