Prayers and Petitions

Ecclesiasticus 2: 10-11

19 January, 2022

Has the Lord ever abandoned anyone who held him in constant reverence? Has the Lord ever ignored anyone who prayed to him? The Lord is kind and merciful; he forgives our sins and keeps us safe in time of trouble. Ecclesiasticus 2:10–11

Eternal Father, Lord of all dominions, of Heaven and of the earth, we praise and glorify our Mighty God. You reign on High and have reclaimed the earth from the ruler of darkness by the redeeming sacrifice of our Savior and Messiah. By the steadfastness of your love, you have graciously bestowed on us deliverance and citizenship in your Heavenly Kingdom. Your mercy, fidelity and benevolence towards your people is overwhelming and inexhaustible.

All who have approached you in faith, have received forgiveness, healing and restoration. You honor the intentions of everyone crying out to you from the depths of their hearts. You abide with us, Lord, through the storms and the calm in our lives, hovering over us like a diligent parent, rewarding our virtuous deeds and bringing us to repentance for our misdeeds and disobedience of your infallible plans for our lives. You keep the path of righteousness open to believers and unbelievers, who by faith and conversion can attain sonship and a place of eternal glory in your Presence.

Lord, you have never deserted your people and your watchful gaze is ever on them. You bring us to safe shores when our feet slip and we fall into the dungeon of impiety. Grant us the Grace of living lives of holiness, fellowship and love toward our neighbors, honoring your commands, revering your doctrines, increasing your peace and spreading your gospel and teachings into far reaching corners of the earth, evangelizing and performing our Christian duties, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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