Prayers and Petitions

Isaiah 25:1

11 February, 2022

O Lord , you are my God, I extol you, I praise your name; For you have carried out your wonderful plans of old, faithful and true. – Isaiah 25:1

O Wonderful and Mighty God, enthroned on High, the King of the Universe, the great I Am, in great exultation we gaze upon the splendor and majesty of your creation and acknowledge you with fearful and reverential awe as the One, True, Ever-living and Everlasting God, who rules us with his Mighty Hand, in perfect glory and righteousness.

You are a God of Power. You delivered your people out of slavery and led them to freedom and to a promised land, rich and plentiful. You established them upon the earth, multiplied their numbers, restored them from evil attachments and assuaged the spirits of the oppressed, destroying their many adversaries. You displayed your perfect,  absolute, love and steadfastness when in our worldliness, wickedness and weakness we forgot our merciful God, yet, the moment we turned to you in repentance, you rescued and saved us.

We waited long years for a Messiah, prophesied and promised to us and, true to your promises, you sent your only begotten Son to redeem us, and to atone for our sins on the Cross of his crucifixion. We stand before you today, fortified and redeemed, rich in your grace and in firm faith. We commit ourselves to you Lord, spreading your truth of salvation for all believers, throughout the earth, in the Name of Jesus our Savior. Amen

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