Prayers and Petitions

James 4:7

25 March, 2021

So submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

Almighty Father, our Sovereign Majesty, we exalt your Holy Name with great submission and thankful prayer, for you are the focus of our lives, the strength we rely on, the great giver of unshakable promises, whom we trust, the miracle worker who has changed our lives from darkness to light, from sin to sanctity, from the chains of bondage to eternal freedom with you, in your Heavenly Kingdom, as a reward of our faith and righteousness, abiding with you forever.

Jesus taught us obedience, humility and service, in all circumstances, submitting to you by living in him and he in us, through the power of the Holy Spirit. But the evil influences of the world and carnal desires of our mortal flesh are temptations faced every minute of every day and the wily cunning of the devil and the disguises he employs targets our minds, hearts and souls, capturing us through the most deadly deceits.

Jesus destroyed the devil’s ploys by the rich truth of Scripture, which is the only tool that can put the devil to shame. It is imperative to be enriched and to achieve a state of the highest sanctity by studying the word and storing its wisdom in our hearts, in order to discern good and evil, and to be equipped to send the devil fleeing. Lord, we appeal to you to shield us with your grace and guard us with the mighty armor of your Holy Word to drive wickedness away, in the Name of Jesus our Lord. Amen

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