Prayers and Petitions

Lent – Easter Originals #2 – The Garden of Gethsemane


It was at the garden of Gethsemane
Where Jesus had gone to reflect and to pray
That Judas, for thirty pieces of silver
In the enemy’s hands the Lord would deliver.

And though Jesus with tears of blood prayed that day
That the cup from him may be taken away,
He submitted to the impending disaster
And thus, to the Will of His Heavenly Father!

Jesus was convicted, scourged, His clothes were torn,
On his head was placed a heavy crown of thorn
And Mary grieved for her Son, it was a painful loss
When ungrateful man condemned Him to die on the cross!

With His death, His life on earth He did complete,
Son of God to Son of Man, nailed by hand and feet
Crucified to save the world, so men should die no more,
Eternal life, the Cross of Calvary would ensure

No more pain from sin for man, though traitor he did prove
To his God and to the Son, the advocate of love;
Let this blessed Easter gift a truth to us reveal,
God sacrificed His Son, so man with love forever live!

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