Prayers and Petitions

Matthew 4:23

24 October, 2023

Jesus traveled throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed every kind of disease and illness. – Matthew 4:23

Heavenly Father, as we praise and worship you, we exult in anticipation everyday, of the new works of your Hands which will come our way and the new mercies and benefits we will receive through your grace and blessings. Each day offers us fresh opportunities to repent and receive the benefits of your favors through healings, granting of our prayers and miracles manifesting in our lives, because nothing is impossible for you. We yearn for your love and mercy in the midst of sorrows and hardships, tribulations and temptations, that bog us down to nothingness.

Father, our faith and trust is in you, for we know that it is our belief in the revelations of your Holy Gospel Word, taught to us by Jesus, that reconciles us with you, through prayer, penance, absolute, humble surrender and repentance. You have entrusted us with the mission and ministry of spreading the Good News of your Heavenly Kingdom to the ends of the earth. May our endeavor be to gain souls, through faith and perseverance, thus strengthening the Church of Christ.

Jesus exhorted us to pray and to confess our sins, thus gaining sanctity, purification and righteousness, to enable us to become worthy of preaching your Holy Word and fulfilling our commitment. Only the prayers of the righteous are effective when proclaiming the Kingdom of God to our fellowmen. Help us increase the zeal of others through our own strong beliefs and zealousness, always praying in unison, for it is through the union of our collective prayers that miracles are worked. You are present in the community of believers and we seek you in Jesus’ Name, through which all prayers are granted. Amen

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