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God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good? – Numbers 23:19

God is Almighty, but because He has given man free will, He respects it. When we choose sin, He warns us in our hearts and sometimes through others, but the Lord does not force us to do right. If He would force us, it would go against His nature. God gave us free will and He honors that free will.

As we all know from personal experience, the Holy Spirit warns us when we say or do something wrong, but He does not force the correction. We decide whether we will obey Him or not. It’s the same with those who hurt or do us wrong. The Lord warns them, by bringing thoughts into their minds, to not do what they have planned, but the decision is theirs. Even when they continue with their evil plans, the Lord continues to work in our behalf, causing something good to come out of the wrongs that are done. In His love, God interferes and stops the bad plans, when they are beyond what can be used for our good or even of those who would do them.

Any pain or hurt can be hard to endure; but we can take comfort in the truth that compared to eternity, what happens in this lifetime is just a moment. The Lord even hurts with us, and if we ask Him to help us, while keeping a pure heart, He will strengthen us, help us grow spiritually and become more like Jesus. Our Lord suffered in our stead, tremendously more than any human being ever did or will do, just for us to be saved and spend eternity with Him. No other love can compare to His!!!


Glory and honor to You dear Lord, for You are justice and truth itself! You keep all Your promises and all You start, You bring into fruition! Thank You that as long as I obey You, the evil one has no power over me, because You remain in me, and I in You.

Lord Jesus, help me never to forget how much You love me and that You’ve already done everything for me. Please help me to keep my heart pure and live to please You. Help me to stop when You warn me that I am about to say or do something wrong. Thank You wholeheartedly, dear Lord, Amen

Source: thetruthstandsforever

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