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The man of many friends will prove himself a bad friend, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24

When our daily lives are too full of activities and people we can easily miss out on the new experiences and opportunities that God has for us.

If we have bad relationships with people, who we cannot trust based upon their behavior, we need to seek the Lord about those relationships. He knows if we should continue or put an end to them. It is better to have just two or three close, good friends, whom we can trust and enjoy, than many bad relationships.

In a true relationship, forgiveness, grace, love and understanding come from both sides. A person may end up with too many friends if they think they need a crowd around them or they do whatever it takes to be the friend of many. Both cases lead to bad relationships. To truly be there for each friend and spend quality time with every single one, takes time, money and effort to deal with life’s headaches and heartaches. A true friend is one who never forsakes their buddy, no matter how tough a situation is, and can be closer than a brother who represents the nearest relationship.


Thank You dear Lord for the great friends You brought into my life! You gave me the spiritual siblings that I longed for and You blessed me through them, beyond measure. Please help me be a blessing to them, as they are to me. Also, please help me to keep the right relationships and not be a bad friend to anyone. Please teach me how to show them love and grace. Also, please help me to understand them when they go through hard times, so that I can be there for them. Glory and honor to Your Holy Name. Amen

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