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“And these signs will follow those who believe… if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them…” – Mark 16:17-18

We live in a world full of fears and worries. The more science progresses, the more we learn about the bad effects of pollution and chemicals used in food, cleaning and personal hygiene products.

But for those who trust in the Lord, life can be beautiful, despite the things mentioned above. Many years ago, when the bad effects of food additives on our health, started to be discovered, the publicity of this information was able to bring panic among consumers. Information then and now is often exaggerated precisely to manipulate and serve certain commercial purposes. Because we did not know what to believe, we prayed to the Lord, for help us with our purchases. God had spoken through these verses and encouraged us to ask Him, before buying anything, to show us what is safe or not. Since we started asking the Lord’s direction on our choices and praying for Him to cleanse our purchases, the quality of the chosen products is clearly superior. The Lord knows what everything is made of, as well as, the safety and cleanliness of where items were produced, and when we pray, He directs us on what to purchase. The more often we ask for His direction, the clearer we hear.


Heavenly Father, thank You so much for all the love and care You show me every day in every area of my life. You care for all my needs, including what is good for me to buy and what is not. Please help me spend more time with You so I can hear You more clearly and be able to follow Your direction. Please cleanse everything I buy, because Your Word says that even if I “drink something deadly, it will by no means hurt me.” Based on Your Word, I believe that You will not allow anything that might be harmful in my food, to hurt me. Thank You, Lord! Glory and honor to Your holy Name, Amen

(Source: thetruthstandsforever)

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