Prayers and Petitions

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

27 May, 2020

By the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is truly with us – John 16: 5- 11

PRAYER: Beloved Holy Spirit, Jesus had sent You to those who believe in Him to be a divine Counselor, a Paraclete, a Comforter. You are the Giver of gifts and the One who helps us bear the fruits of virtues. You are not that known to many. Many seldom pray to You nor understand the value of Your role in our daily lives. Reveal Yourself more to us that our hearts may be more open to You and to Your works. Help us to grow in love with You and be devoted to You as well. Make us understand the important role that You play in our lives that we may be guided well in living according to the will of the Father. May we, together with our families, allow You to move in us. These we pray through the intercession of Mama Mary and all the Angels and Saints. Amen.

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