Prayers and Petitions

Psalms 103:19

27 July, 2021

The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all. – Psalms 103:19

Sovereign Majesty, King of all creation and created, you have established your throne in the heavens, to rule over all dominions. Your Church, members of Christ’s Body, extols your infinite glory. How limited the human mind, that though it tries, cannot comprehend your sublime supremacy, which transcends the heavens and has under its control all kingdoms and dominions. We earthly creatures are in subjection to you, yet even the angels and all heavenly hosts who are under your command, exercise your bidding without exhortations.

Lord, the angels and saints chant constant praises to you. We, your adopted children by faith and belief, on whom you shower your grace and favor freely, viewing us with love and compassion, knowing the limitations of the flesh and our inherently sinful nature, are still lacking in willingness and promptness, in discharging of this duty. We enjoin the heavenly beings to sing your praises for our sake, that by their example we may grow in fervency.

We exalt your Holy Name, by spreading the good news of the Holy Gospel, and the eternal salvation of those who live in Christ by faith. This has been entrusted to us as a commission, to advance your kingdom here on earth. We adhere, as Christian believers, to love you above all things and to so demonstrate our love and fellowship towards each other, as to draw unbelievers into the circle of your love. By carrying the light of your grace to the whole world, enlightening others and fulfilling our mission as ministers of Christ, may we readily perform your commands, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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