Prayers and Petitions

Revelation 21:4

7 August, 2022

He will wipe every tear from their eyes; there shall be an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain; for the old order has passed away!”
Revelation 21:4

Abba Father, we have full faith, belief and trust in our Omniscient God. By your grace and favors you have uplifted the whole of creation and renewed your Covenant with us, making us righteous before you and replacing our heart of stone with new hearts, enriched with the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Lord our God, we look to you and to Jesus Christ our Savior. You continually rejuvenate us, that we may have light even in dark and distressing times and through the Savior may overcome as we wait faithfully for your kingdom. Help us to be ready to take anything upon ourselves, to serve you with body and soul, with all we have and are.

May we belong to the hosts of those who go to meet you, who wait for your coming kingdom, which will bring comfort to the world and to all people who now suffer and grieve. O Lord our God, have mercy on our times and on our world. Grant that with thanks and praise we may soon see the signs of the fulfillment of your promises, through Jesus our Lord. Amen

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