Prayers and Petitions

Romans 12:10

12 February, 2024

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.— Romans 12:10

Eternal God, the greatest commandment you have imparted to us through your new covenantal law which Jesus himself revealed to us is to love you, with our entire heart, soul, mind and spirit and to love our neighbor as ourself. Lord, this is really a test in how selfless our hearts can be and a lesson in giving cheerfully and unreservedly.

Teach us Lord, to be a blessing to all those we encounter, that we may be living examples of the goodness of our God and may thus edify your Holy Name and add to its glory. May we be strong witnesses of our Christian faith, by displaying love and showing care and compassion, by sharing the good news of eternal salvation by the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, which can be obtained by all who believe and break the chains of evil by which they are encumbered.

Assist us Lord, in quelling earthly desires and replacing them with working for spiritual gains. Help us become humble and submissive, respecting our brethren and working for the conversion of souls. By living exemplary lives, may we draw others to the love of Christ and teach and preach of your faithfulness and unshakeable promises. We need to walk confidently and courageously, keeping safe the doctrine and abiding by the tenets contained in the gospel, for by our sanctity we uphold the glory of your Name, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

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