2 Peter 3: 17-18
October 8, 2020
Roman’s 3: 23-25a
October 10, 2020
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Song of praise#13 – O Immaculate Mary


Oh Immaculate Mary
Sweet lily of the field
Born to singular purpose,
That creation be healed

The Messiah, Redeemer,
The fruit of your womb
The Light of Salvation
Saved mankind from doom

From the very beginning
You were God’s chosen One
To obedience, you mothered
Our God, your own Son

Knowing well, your reward
Would be suffering so deep,
You’d see your Son crucified
The reward, we would reap

Tender, merciful Mother
Man’s mother you’d be
Trading the life of your Son
So man could be free

God’s plan you perfected
According to His Will
To return His creation
To life ETERNAL!

Can sinful creation
This debt ever pay?
Oh Heavenly Mother
We bow and we pray

Life’s final moments
Will behold, we believe
Our Queen of the Heavens
Creation’s New Eve!

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