Christmas Carol #6 – Do you hear what I hear?
January 4, 2021
Christmas Originals #2 – The angel paid a visit
January 4, 2021
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Christmas Originals #1 – Hurrah! Santa’s coming


Hurrah! for you know, Santa’s on his way
To town he is racing from faraway places,
His reindeer are straining to lead the sleigh
Loaded with presents packed tight in cases.
He’s dressed in his red suit with white fur lining
With him his li’l brown elves dance and sing
They’re dashing across the moon which is shining
And the sleigh bells keep jingling a merry ring!
The children are waiting, they dare not move
Lest Santa should know they’re awake in bed
So afraid they will miss him, afraid he will prove
They’ve been naughty, and leave them nothing instead!
They’ve hung up their stockings and put up the tree
The blankets they’ve drawn right over their faces
Their night prayers all said going down on their knee
They’re snugly tucked in their parents’ embraces.
When Santa looks in, his eye shuts in a wink
He treads gently, their dreams not to awaken
His elves stuff each stocking in less than a blink
They’re off, Godspeed! To their next destination.
Oh yes! rest assured a child’s dream comes true
When right on the wee eve of every Christmas
Santa pays a visit to me and to you
He’s none other than the cheery St. Nicholas!

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