July 1, 2024
July 1, 2024
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Habakkuk 2:14

1 July, 2024

For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14

Abba Father, we come before you in awe of your magnificent plan and promise as revealed to us by your Holy Word. We are humbled by the assurance that your glory will ultimately permeate every corner of the world, reaching the depths of every heart. Lord, in a world that often seems dark and confused, we hold onto this promise with hope.

We ask that you open our eyes to see glimpses of your glory in our daily lives, in the beauty of creation, in acts of kindness, and in the truth of your Word. Fill us with the knowledge of your presence and power, so that we may live in constant awareness of your sovereignty and grace.

As we reflect on this scripture, help us to be vessels of your glory, spreading the knowledge of your love and truth wherever we go. Let our lives be a testament to your greatness, and may our actions reflect the light of Christ to those around us. We pray for the day when your glory will be fully revealed, and all creation will recognize and worship you. Until that day, strengthen our faith, deepen our understanding, and guide us in your ways. May your Spirit empower us to live in alignment with your will, anticipating the fulfillment of your promise with joyful hearts. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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