August 6, 2021
Romans 15:5
August 7, 2021
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Isaiah 44: 22

6 August, 2021

I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you. Isaiah 44:22

Almighty and Merciful God, your sole prerogative, rising out of your unparalleled love for mankind, has been to save us from our bitter transgressions and avenge our tormented souls with your soothing and healing grace. Although the multitude of our sins is so vast and repetitive, the tempest of your divine wrath and vengeance evaporates when contrite hearts cry out to you from the abyss of their desolation.

O God of Compassion, when we turn our pleading faces towards you, you graciously forgive our many iniquities through the steadfastness of your Covenant with us and you dispel the cloud of our wrongdoings till the pure vapours of your faithfulness surrounds us. Your Holy Spirit, which departs from us when we are in disgrace, once again permeates our souls with righteousness.

Lord, you have delivered us and protect us from danger when we turn to you in faith. We are donned with the protective armor of your promises, made unshakable by our Lord Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross in atonement for our offenses. We will, with constant endeavour, remain within the Light of your pure radiance, making ourselves worthy of redemption, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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