February 3, 2024
February 3, 2024
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3 February, 2024

Then Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

Almighty God, Father and Master of us all, you have revealed the Truth of your Eternal Kingdom through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who came to live with mortal mankind and teach, preach, guide and save all those who, having heard your Holy Word, have hastened to understand and apply it to their lives. Teach us how to follow the path that Jesus has provided for us, that we may listen and extend the wisdom of your word to those who turn a willing ear and a heart open to receive the graces you bestow on your earthly creation.

Sanctify and empower us, that in full fervour and strength of mind, body and spirit devoted to your love, we may be enabled to deliver your message with reverence of heart, a truthful spirit, and a generosity of mind to the peoples of this earth, that, on hearing the good news, they may be uplifted and rejoice in the knowledge of their Ever-Living God, Who has adopted them as his children. Thereby, you have made us all your own, offering us a share of your heavenly inheritance. May your Holy Word, passing from the ear to the heart, bear the rich fruit it was sent to deliver, so that it does not return empty, accomplishing that for which it was given.

Lord, hear our pleas and forgive our offences, for Jesus’ sake and in his Name, for he has opened our ears to hear the Truth and transformed our whole lives with the hope that we will, indeed, enter into the Light of your Grace and behold your Countenance forevermore. This promise of eternal salvation is what we will strive for and hope to gain, for the peace you bestow upon us will be an everlasting peace, and we will be able to sing your praises forever, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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