www.prayersandpetitions.org is an online portal to encourage people to worship and spend time in prayer. We believe that the Christian faith is not just for Sunday mornings in church, rather it teaches us to surrender our every difficulty to our Lord in prayer. This portal includes Bible reflections on a daily basis to help us think and apply those teachings in our daily life.

Our motto is, ‘The world united in prayer’, and people all over the world come together to read and reflect. Visitors can also post their prayer requests, petitions, and add their prayers and comments to the daily prayers and reflections on the Word of God.

With a belief that we can #sing2praytwice, the portal also has special videos made by the Prayers and Petitions Team, on Hymns which are based on scripture, for visitors to watch and sing along! Moreover, action hymns for people of all ages are really helpful to viewers who like to actively participate and #dance2rejoice! Through this initiative, we wish to enrich lives by spreading the Good News, engaging in prayer and reflection and preserving our faith.