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Ephesians 1:7

28 February, 2023

He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins. – Ephesians 1:7

Abba Father, your love for mankind overflows with goodness and kindness and is unfathomable, and your mercy is infinite. We acknowledge you as our Maker, God of the Universe, and as Supreme Authority over all things, visible and invisible. In Christ our Lord, you worked the miracle of our redemption. You have freed us from your righteous wrath and from the curse of the law, to which we were offensive and sinful, and consequently from the evil power of sin and the tyranny of Satan in our lives.

Through Jesus’ blood sacrifice, of death upon the cross, we obtained the price of redemption paid to you by your own beloved Son, who became the curse, so he could save and uplift us and through which, your justice being satisfied, we were no longer under the contamination of sin and the wicked custody of the devil. Lord, in your compassion you upheld us from the dominion of sin, granting us forgiveness as the fruit of redemption.

According to the riches of your free grace, Glorious Father, you have made us partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel, by virtue of faith and conversion. We have but to believe, and you lavish upon us the perpetual benediction of eternal salvation and the grace of being cleansed of our sins and made worthy to stand in your Presence and receive the commendation of redemption. We are eternally grateful and acknowledge with humility your bestowing upon us places of honor as your children with an everlasting communion with you and in you, through the merits of our Savior Jesus Christ and in unity with your Holy Spirit. Amen

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