Christmas Originals #2 – The angel paid a visit
January 4, 2021
Christmas Originals #4 – Welcome dear Jesus
January 4, 2021
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Christmas Originals #3 – Christmas Carols


Christmas carols we have come to sing,
To herald the coming of our new-born King
Peace and goodwill to all of mankind,
So sang the angels from the heavens divine.

The wise men they came on their steeds raised high
They had heard the good tidings, the coming was nigh
And they sang God’s praises as they sped on their way,
From the east they were bound, to a cave filled with hay.

The divine baby with shepherds was surrounded,
That, harking the heralding angels, a-bounded
To the place upon which a star shone so bright,
That it turned into day the darkest of nights!

Oh yes! That’s the story of Christmas, you see,
So we’ve mounted the crib, we’ve put up the tree,
And every child in the world has retired,
Awaiting the coming of Santa, all afire

With curious glee at the presents he’ll bring,
With bated breaths they await his ring
Of the doorbell, and strain for the sound of his sleigh,
They know with his reindeer he’s heading their way.

While the grown-ups are dancing in merriment,
It’s the season of joy; it’s the end of Advent,
The streets are all heaped with the fallen snow
And the rays of a myriad lights are aglow!

Let’s shout out aloud and in unison sing,
The message of love let the harbingers bring,
And as the mirth of Christmas resounds far and near,
Let’s prepare to usher in a Happy New Year!

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