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January 4, 2021
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January 4, 2021
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Christmas Originals #4 – Welcome dear Jesus


Welcome dear Jesus to our homes and our hearts
We’re at that time of year, it marked the very start
Of a glorious happening, the miracle of birth
You came down to mingle with us here on earth.

Born in a manger, in a dark stable forlorn,
With naught but some cattle and straw to adorn,
Lying there so meek and so very alone
Only angels’ choirs to herald the morn!

A babe thrown on the onslaughts of the world,
Come to save mankind, come to unfold
A new beginning and an end to the dark,
A tumultuous journey You were to embark

Mary, Your Mother, with Joseph beside,
Two simple beings, swept right on the tide
Of the magnitude of a humanity rife
With the decay of sin, torn with trials and strife.

Oh Jesus Christ, only begotten Son,
Of God the Father, the Almighty One,
What crosses You traversed, what burdens You bore,
You showed us the way, the path right to Your door

Of heaven, and now we are safe, we are sound,
Not a care in the world, no worries abound,
Our paths You have strewn with roses instead!
The thorns are embedded in the crown on Your head.

And so each year we commemorate,
This joyous beginning, this freedom so great,
The birth of our Lord, the coming of Christ
Yes, Christmas is here! Hosanna most highest!

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