2 Corinthians 12: 9 -10
July 19, 2020
Psalm 84:2-4
July 21, 2020
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Jeremiah 32: 38-39

20 July, 2020

They will be my people, and I will be their God. I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me and that all will then go well for them and for their children after them. Jeremiah 32:38–39, NIV

Lord God, you are our Almighty Father and we are your children and co-heirs, a position obtained for us by the unparalleled sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus, who, by his death, reconciled us to you for eternity. We have been thus made partakers of Jesus’ most precious life, death and resurrection. As your errant children dear God, instill in us the integrity to safeguard and uphold your statutes and commands and to follow the dictates of your Holy Will, notwithstanding the trials of life.  Help us to heed the doctrines of the Gospel and fill us with the graces of the Holy Spirit. Help us to cultivate a faith that is unfeigned, a hope devoid of hypocrisy, a love without dissimulation and a repentance that is genuine. It will be our single-hearted purpose to serve you uprightly with true hearts, so that the generations that follow imbibe all that is worthy, by instruction and example and avoid the pitfalls of sin and deceit. We offer this prayer in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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  1. Please heal my daughter JACINTA