April 15, 2022
April 16, 2022
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John 3:16

15 April, 2022

For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. John 3:16

O God of Peace and Salvation all the earth is rejoicing and there is gladness and celebration and a coming together of all peoples in the name of the child Jesus, your only begotten and beloved Son, who accepted, in perfect obedience, the holy will of his Heavenly Father, taking on his shoulders the yoke of the chains of our sins, so that we may regain favor in your presence.

Jesus, the Prince of peace became incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary and lived amongst us to redeem and restore us as those among the elect of your kingdom, through our faith and your grace. We attained the promise of eternal life, by his coming, and by his leadership and guidance from darkness of iniquity to the sanctifying Light of virtue.

Father, we are eternally grateful to you for destroying the chains of bondage of the evil one, and releasing us. Your flawless, infallible being, filled with love for us, who are tainted and blemished creatures, unworthy and disobedient, transcends and surpasses human comprehension. Our only desire is to emulate your perfection and become worthy to occupy the places in your kingdom which the Lord Jesus has prepared for us, to reside through him and in him in union with you, Father, in Jesus’ Precious Name we pray. Amen

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