April 9, 2023
April 9, 2023
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Mark 16:6

9 April, 2023

Don’t be alarmed, he said, You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen!
Mark 16:6

O God, of Infinite Mercy and Boundless Compassion, of Incomparable and Unconditional Love, your beloved Son, our Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ, became Incarnate, according to your Will and your perfect Plan for the redemption of mankind from the clutches of the evil ruler of the world. In his crucifixion, he entered hell itself, forsaken and abandoned by you during those three hours of complete darkness. He became the sin he had never committed, and the curse of those sins nailed to the Cross of his crucifixion. He was crucified so that we would be blessed through reconciliation to you, dear Father.

Father, Jesus fulfilled the task which you had given to him and made atonement for the iniquity of the world, of all those who believe in him. He paid the price of our sins and emerged victorious over death and condemnation with his resurrection from the dead on the third day after he was crucified. Death could not confine Jesus in its grip. He rose from the dead as the first fruits of the new mankind, with a new Covenant established with you Father, of many who will be completely restored and glorified. He is our Head and we are the members of his body. We live and have our being in Christ, looking forward to the complete renewal of our souls and our bodies and the gift of eternal life on the day of Judgement.

May we sustain and uplift, encourage and enrich each other with the gospel of Christ’s resurrection and the certainty of his coming again. May we emulate our Lord and Master, Who has raised us up to a new life, by making us members of his own Body. Help us dear Father, to live with the Holy Spirit indwelling in us, finding fulfilment and direction in loving you, praising you, extolling and exalting your Holy Name, for the free grace of salvation given us, and the many blessings we receive, through faith in the promises of Jesus Christ. Amen

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