September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023
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Matthew 5:5

21 September, 2023

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5

Abba Father, you have created the earth and every Being, and we owe our life and existence to you alone, Who are the Creator of mankind. Yet, we deny you, and the Truth that you have given each of us our identity, as children of the Living God. We create our own personalities and live accordingly, by our own desires and passions inviting and succumbing to the temptations and falsities of worldly origin. We increase trial and suffering and shun the virtues of holy nature. We are forgetful of the One Who has given us life and Who is the only One, Who can take it away. We invite suffering and ignore our God, Who, by His righteousness will avenge our wrongs.

As Christians, we are taught by Jesus, Who was born in a lowly manger and lived a life of humility, poverty and absolute obedience to the Will of God, to praise, worship and glorify you, O Lord. We seek to emulate him and live in imitation of his holy life, simple and peaceful, as children of God. He taught us to live in truth, to become virtuous, to abide in him, to be righteous and sanctified through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Lord God, you have anointed us as your adopted ones, through faith, giving us salvation through Jesus’ humble sacrifice of his own life, by his taking on our sins and releasing us from all bondage. As Christians, we are exhorted to be meek, peaceful and forgiving, not easily provoked by others, unmindful of power and position that are earthly and temporal.

Those of us who give cognizance to our Christian faith, living in its accordance and increasing our lives in Christ, will win your grace and favor O God, by glorifying your Holy Name. We implore that we be so blessed and fortified by the spirit of grace, to live quiet and subdued lives, growing in spirituality so that we may come to inheritance of the true joys and treasures of heaven and shall enjoy what is granted to us as certainty of your provision. For we trust in your implicit promises, knowing we will receive the riches of your glory, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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