I want to pray for Aarey a beautiful creation by God which will probably be destroyed. I pray for the people behind this. I hope they realise what they are doing and last but not the least I pray for all those humans who ruining our mother nature by rituals and beliefs. May god really bless them and put some sense in their heads.

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Posted by : Dylan Mascarenhas on September 21, 2019

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  1. ADMIN says:

    Lord, help us to maintain a reverent attitude towards nature, threatened from all sides today.

    O Lord, grant us the grace to grow deeper in our respect of
    And care for your Creation.
    Lord, hear our prayer.

    O Lord, help us to recognize the sacredness of all of your
    Creatures as signs of your wondrous love.
    Lord, hear our prayer.

    O Lord, help us turn from the selfish consumption of
    Resources meant for all and to see the impacts of our
    choices on the poor and vulnerable.
    Lord, hear our prayer.