My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m asking for healing prayers for her and also to calm hers and my anxiety about the situation.

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Posted by : Krystal Wilburn on September 21, 2019

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2 Prayers

  1. Les says:

    Dear Lord, please lay your Healing hands on Krystal’s mother and heal her cancer. Give their family strength through this very difficult time. Amen.

  2. ADMIN says:

    Healing prayer: Help us put our trust in You. You Lord are the greatest physician. You heal, You protect, You care, You love, You are kind, You are patient, You are thoughtful, You are strength. You Lord are our Creator. You know our thoughts, our sighings and our cryings and every hair on our head. You are Wonderful and make all good things for us. Heal us Lord, if it be Your will.