Psalm 34:8
March 1, 2020
1Peter 4: 12 – 13
March 2, 2020
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The Ark – JESUS

The Ark- (Jesus)

Though everything around looks dark
I know my soul is on Your ark
Not two by two, but one by one
A right to passage through Your Son
Who made a way for filthy me
When storms arise, don’t have to flee
Just have to rest assured in You
There’s nothing that my God can’t do
When I’m not feeling up to par
I call on You, and there You are
To guide me through, and lift my trust
Though torrential rains may try to bust
Through the ark to drown my soul
No natural means have full control
Currents stir the mire and mud
But on Your ark I escape the flood
No matter what the days may bring
My faith in You changes everything….

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