Christmas Originals #4 – Welcome dear Jesus
January 4, 2021
Isaiah 49: 3-4
January 4, 2021
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Christmas Originals #5 – Hurrah! It’s a New Year!


Hurrah! It’s a New Year!
HEY! Let’s ring in the New Year
Let’s usher it in,
The old year has ended
Our hopes let us pin,

On a year full of goodness
That brings with each dawn,
A bounty of blessings
Of the harvests we’ve sown.

The year we have passed thro’
Has lessons imprinted
On the sands of our lives
And forever cemented
The bonds that will link
Our past to our future,
With loved ones around us,
To hold and to nurture.

It’s New Year! It’s New Year,
It’s New Year at last,
List out new resolutions
And let go of the past.
Come burn up the old man,
Make way for the young,
Recall those who’ve left us
And whose lives went unsung.

Catch up with your old friends,
Yea, it’s never too late,

To mend what is broken,
Just for old times’ sake,
And watch faces light up
As you bring in good cheer,
Hurrah! All you people
It’s a Happy New Year!

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