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The Feast of the Holy Family, is a Roman Catholic religious festival falling on the first Sunday after Christmas. Although major feast days dedicated to each member of the Holy Family also exist, this Feast commemorates their life together, and the celebration focuses on religious family life. Because of the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt, a feast for the Holy Family has been observed since early times.

In Western Christianity, however, a cult of veneration for the Holy Family as a group, rather than as individuals, did not arise until the 17th century and was not officially recognized until the feast day was formally instituted in 1921 under Pope Benedict XV. Originally celebrated on the Sunday after Epiphany (January 6), the Feast of the Holy Family was moved to the Sunday after Christmas in 1969, bringing it within the Christmas season.

Although little is known about the lives of the Holy Family from canonical sources, it has been a source of great interest among Christians for hundreds of years. During the 1490s, veneration of the Holy Family gained in popularity and it became a central focus for many works of art of the time.

Since 1921, the Feast of the Holy Family has been a liturgical celebration in the Catholic Church—ever since it was added into the liturgical calendar by Pope Benedict XV. Ever since 1969, the Feast Of The Holy Family has been celebrated in the General Roman Calendar and during the season of Christmastide.

The Feast Of The Holy Family is celebrated in several ways—both in the Catholic Church and among individual parishioners. There are usually services and prayers held on this day, and many Christians write notes to Jesus, Mary and Joseph to appeal to them for a blessing from their family to their family. Some Christians also work through various charitable organizations to help families in need.

This is a day for people to reflect on their own family life as well. It’s a day on which people can think about how they can strengthen communication between all family members and how to heal past wounds. It’s also a day on which people can reflect on the virtue of their family in comparison with the Holy Family.


O God, you were pleased to present to us the shining example of the Holy Family. Graciously grant us, Heavenly Father to be able to imitate their holy, meritorious lives, practicing the virtues of family life and in the bonds of charity, and thus, in the edifying values of their exemplary lives, reach our heavenly abode, to delight in eternal rewards. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen

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