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May 30, 2021
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May 31, 2021
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Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out in a loud voice and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”
Luke 1:41b-43

Mary is the most blessed among all humankind, for it is she who experienced the Trinitarian love with all her soul. It was remarkable that God chose to carry out his extraordinary plan of redemption through two human babies and their mothers. Jesus was still in Mary’s womb, yet in His presence Elizabeth and her own unborn son, John, were filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s love for us is so absolute that he is willing to pour it out on all people of the world, through the Power of his Spirit.

And the Immaculate heart of Mary surrendered in total humility and obedience to become the instrument and means by which God imparts his blessings to us. What an incredible grace Mary received to become the channel through which Jesus, the Son of God, the Word made incarnate as the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, would inhabit her womb for nine months and be born as her son. Mary showed herself as a true disciple of Jesus, by abiding, unquestioning, in the Holy Trinity.

At the voice of the Mother of God, by the power and grace of Her divine Son in her womb, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and the infant in her womb, sanctified at that moment, conceived so great a joy as to leap and exult. By the infused light of the Spirit of God Elizabeth understood the great mystery of the Incarnation which God had wrought in Mary, whose humility prevented Her from disclosing it, even to a relative and an intimate friend.

In raptures of astonishment Elizabeth pronounced Mary blessed above all women, and the Virgin, hearing Her own praise, sank yet lower in the abyss of Her nothingness, and melting in an ecstasy of love and gratitude to God, she burst into her admirable canticle, the Magnificat:“My soul magnifies the Lord, and My spirit rejoices in God, My Saviour.” What marvels of grace and light God reveals to us in the souls of his chosen ones.

Elizabeth’s pure and humble response to the work of God in their lives must have brought great comfort to Mary. In Elizabeth she finally found someone with whom she could share her joy and awe at what was happening in her. Who else at this time could understand the song welling up within Mary’s heart. Elizabeth rejoiced with Mary and embraced her own supportive role. For her part, Mary did not wait for Elizabeth to come to her, but hastened to her side. Humility and service take you closer to doing God’s Will.


Almighty God, you blessed the Blessed Virgin Mary to be a blessing for all future generations who, while carrying your Son in her womb, was inspired at the news that her cousin Elizabeth, advanced in years, was also pregnant by the singular grace of God, carrying the forerunner of Jesus, whose name was to be John, in her womb, and Mary hastened to visit Elizabeth. Grant us, Lord, that infused with the promptings of the Spirit, we too may work towards your glorification.

We revere and honor Mary, for her role in initializing your plan of salvation for mankind, through the life and sacrificial death of your Son, Jesus Christ, born through the womb of the Virgin Mary who submitted to you in total service. We rejoice that Jesus gave his mother to become the mother of the whole of mankind, venerating her forevermore.

Blessed is she who believed that the promise made to her by the Lord would be fulfilled. Lord, we are often filled with doubt, especially when we feel burdened by the crosses we carry. We need to have faith, like Mary had, and allow your plans to dominate and turn our lives around through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary’s exemplary surrender inspires us to have complete faith and trust. Her humility is apparent in her visit to her cousin Elizabeth, who in turn, honor’s Mary with her highest title – Mother of our Lord.

Mary and Elizabeth, your generosity in cooperating with God’s will initiated the events of the New Testament. May we be equally generous in cooperating with God’s plans for our lives, knowing the beginning but not the end, lighting a fire that warms the lives of unknown others. Mother, we place ourselves under your mantle and pray to walk this pilgrimage of earthly life courageously, holding your hands.

Lord Jesus, as You opened Elizabeth’s eyes in the presence of Mary, so open our eyes to those who also bear Christ to everyone of us. Help us to honor the potential of each person to be filled with the Holy Spirit. May we, by example of Mary’s life, live in the shadow of our Lord, Jesus Christ, magnifying the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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  2. Amen. Mother Mary, whom Almighty God chose to be the mother of Jesus, and our Heavenly Mother, and whom all generations call “Blessed”, please pray for the whole world to be freed from the deadly Coronavirus which is causing death and destruction worldwide. Thank you dear Mother. It’s in Jesus’ Precious Name we pray. Amen. ??❤️?

  3. Lydia says:

    Amen to the beautiful scripture verse, reflection and prayer, made by our dear sister Lolla on the occasion of the feast of the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thank you dear Mother Mary for your song of praise, glorifying God and humbly accepting his Divine will in your life, to be the Mother of his Son Jesus who came in human form, to save mankind from their sins. It’s in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.?❤️?️?