Mark 11:17
March 25, 2024
March 25, 2024
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John 12:7-8

25 March, 2024

Jesus answered, “Leave her alone. It was right for her to save this perfume for today, the day for me to be prepared for burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” – John 12:7-8

Abba Father, you are our Strength and Succour, you are our Defender and Preserver. You defend those who are just and who fight with zeal for your sake. When we act to accomplish our mission, you are with us, to strengthen our resolve. Many of us suffer when we try to spread your Holy Gospel, because of detractors, always ready with criticism, but with your guidance through the Power of the Holy Spirit, we know that you are with us in our struggles and though it is difficult to build up zeal for your Holy Name in the hearts which are indifferent and lukewarm, it is not impossible with you at our side, upholding our cause.

Lord, when our actions flow from a heart full of love and gratitude, for the peace awarded to us, which we feel compelled to share with others, the sad truth is that we meet with much resistance, even by those of us who are staunch followers, but do not do much for Christ. If we are true followers of the Lord, we must undertake to carry out our mission even if that multiplies our enemies, because, as Jesus himself said, if we are hated, we have to remember that He was hated first.

Lord, we pledge that we will never be lacking in fervor, rather we will carry out our evangelical mission with spiritual intensity, unafraid, serving and praising you, Lord, even in the midst of worldly criticism and persecution. Assist our works of mercy Lord, especially towards the poor in spirit, those humble souls who crave to know and worship you. Teach us righteousness in our approach, to enable us to win souls by making disciples of Christ of all those who take a bold stand with Christ at the Head. Father, we believe that you will never forsake us or abandon us, that when we call upon you, we will be fortified by your Presence and that you will save us from all the powers of wickedness, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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