1 Corinthians 2:12
May 19, 2021
2 Corinthians 4:6
May 20, 2021
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John 5:24

18 May, 2021

Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. John 5:24

All glory be to you, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our One Living God, for because of your eternal love for us Father God, you sent your only Son to redeem us and accepting this in faith that we have been given salvation by Jesus’ death, has the promise of eternal life for us. The Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of him who believes, leading and guiding till he is in the real presence of the Father and Son, who stand in unity. This is our faith, which bestows upon us the blessing of salvation and eternity.

God, your plan of saving us was to send your Son, made incarnate, to dwell amongst us, revealing your plan of redemption for the world and atoning and destroying sin and death in order to justify us before you, our Father. Abba Father, you have saved and delivered us through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and in faith, we spread the good news to bring many more souls to conversion, thus spreading the gospel and evangelizing, to secure more believers to your heavenly kingdom.

We thank you Lord, for releasing us from damnation. As Christians, who abide with Jesus in faith, we are already reconciled to you as children of the Father, standing in righteousness, ransomed by Jesus’ blood and we owe our fidelity and righteousness to him. Believing in the Triune Godhead, we trust that our judgment will offer us our rewards, to live in your presence eternally, in Jesus our Lord. Amen

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