July 10, 2023
July 10, 2023
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Matthew 6:11

10 July, 2023

Give us this day our daily bread.
Matthew 6:11

Abba Father, our Creator, Protector, Provider and Consoler, we adore you and worship your Holy Name, for all that we have, comes from you and you alone. You give, and you take away, because you are our Father and know our every need. Be it food, finance, family, material and spiritual well-being, it is you who grants us all our needs according to the riches of your glory, in Jesus’ Name. We have peace and complete trust, courage and forbearance, knowing that our Provider is our God. Nothing is impossible for you.

Lord, we pray earnestly for forgiveness, healing, and peace, in a world injured and suffering from a lack of love and understanding, crushed and hurting from the ache of denying the soul’s needs and yearning, because of the dearth of the essential wisdom by which we should acknowledge you as God, Who, being with us, supplies our wants and abundantly showers us with your graces and favor when we trust and humbly submit to your Holy Will. We need you every moment of our journey of life, which is daunting, for we are ever facing the threats and temptations of a world steeped in sin, planted by the evil one.

Lord, our prayer includes our family, our friends, and more so, any soul we know, even that of our enemies, that is struggling and battling for love, care, peace and justice. Our life on earth is temporary and we seek the treasures of the Heavenly Kingdom, by our deeds of charity, for as we ask you Father and are supplied by your generosity, so also, we bequeath to those who are without basic needs, that just as you uplift us, we can profit others by lending a helpful hand and sharing our bread with them. We are all children of an impartial God. Assist us in realising the necessities of our brethren, without counting what we give, but trusting in your Sovereign Mercy and Grace, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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