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March 8, 2024
Day Twenty-One of Lent – The Scourging and Mockery
March 8, 2024
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There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus – Galatians 3:28

Jesus did not come as the Son of Man to cancel the Law that the Jews received through Moses, but to fulfill it. John the Baptist said of the Lord that He was “‘… The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!’” (John 1:29b). Through His sacrifice, Jesus fulfilled the Law and since His resurrection, we are no longer under the Law, but under the “grace of God.” Because Jesus paid the price for the sin of all mankind, He canceled the curse that had come upon mankind as the result of sin. Now those of us who come to Jesus and live in obedience to Him, benefit in the blessings that God had given to mankind before the fall.

Through Jesus, we are all one and have the same value to God, regardless of gender, nationality or social status. We are all uniquely created, each with a certain purpose. Jesus died for all of us, so that we can be born again through the Holy Spirit and inherit eternal life.

Women are created special and unique. It is written that there is an enmity between women and the devil. As part of the curse, this enmity has caused women to be disrespected and treated improperly, throughout history.

Jesus came into this world, as one of us, being born of a woman. When He came, Jesus “bruised the devil’s head” (Genesis 3:15-19), so that by His sacrifice He canceled the curse, making it possible for men and women to be restored to the state of mankind before sin, when neither ruled over the other. We are called to love and respect one another, because Jesus paid the same price for both men and women and He has the same heaven prepared for us all. Through Paul, we are urged to “submit to one another in the fear of God” (Ephesians 5:21).


Thank You Heavenly Father, that through Jesus Christ You have freed us from the curse of the law and given us the blessing of Your wonderful grace! In you we are all equal and you love us all the same. Please help us to never forget that we are no better than our fellowmen, no matter what their gender, nationality or social status. Our true value comes from our relationship with you. Glory and praises to your holy Name for all you have done for us. Amen

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