September 15, 2022
September 16, 2022
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Psalm 85:2

15 September, 2022

You forgave the iniquity of Your people. You covered all their sin. Psalm 85:2

O God, you are Gracious and Benevolent. We were immersed in the very depths of sin, in the mire of apostasy, blasphemy, sacrilege and wickedness. We had been so steeped in sin and darkness, in fear and death, that a once remorseless people realized their errant nature had separated them from you, and called out your Name from the depths of their despair and desolation. Lord, you set aside your wrath and stretched out your Mighty Hand to deliver us, restoring us and destroying the curse of our sins.

Alarmed by the magnitude of their misdeeds, your people thought, and rightly so, that you had abandoned humankind. Lord, in delivering your people, and pouring out your ocean of mercy and free grace on your penitent children, by your forgiveness of their sins, you have demonstrated your righteousness and forevermore saved us from sure death and hellfire. You have ransomed, by the precious Blood of Jesus, when he died for us, the sins of the whole world, freeing us and adopting us.

Lord, you took away our transgressions and sanctified us by our conversion and baptism by the Holy Spirit, and you have regenerated us by our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, so that by dying to the world and living in Jesus, we may reap the rewards of eternal salvation. You have given us a new and purified heart, and have cleansed us of all our offences.You have covered us with your free grace by blotting out all evil from us and cancelling the debt of sin. Assist us in obeying your Holy Will and thus making reparation for the remission of all our failures, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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