December 5, 2021
December 6, 2021
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Psalm 95:6

5 December, 2021

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker. – Psalm 95:6

Lord God, Creator of the Universe, your Magnificence and Might, Power and Glory are unparalleled and we sing praise and worship, exalting your Holy Name. We join the multitudes of angels and heavenly beings, who bow before your Majesty, in acknowledgement of your Almighty Being. In stupor, we contemplate that you have formed us and appointed each one of us as your elect, your children, blessed and loved.

Lord, we are unworthy, sinful mortals, who have repaid your immeasurable love with betrayal and sinful living. We come before you in humble adoration and  supplication. We lift our voices with deep faith, penitence and lowly reverence, bowing down before your Holy altar, for we count ourselves to be as nothing in the Presence of our Merciful and Glorious Lord, Whose love for us is unequalled.

We kneel before you, Lord and Maker, and rejoice at being as children before our Father, yet totally unworthy creatures before their God. You have raised us from death and eternal destruction to a righteous and purified life, justified by our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord and we offer ourselves, our entire lives, living according to your Holy Will, in perfect obedience to our One, True God. We glorify and worship you with our whole minds, bodies, as well as with our souls, through the indwelling Spirit, in one with our Savior Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen

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