Isaiah 54:17
September 1, 2021
Joel 2:12
September 3, 2021
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Romans 12:21

2 September, 2021

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21

God of Salvation, you have created us to be perfect as you are and to become perfect, we need to adopt your attributes and live in accordance with your Holy Word, in perfect obedience to your Holy Will. In all humility, we bow before you in honor and adoration, for you have saved us by the Holy Blood of Jesus and have given us your Holy Spirit to counsel and transform our hearts and minds. You have redeemed us to eternal sonship as citizens of your Heavenly Kingdom.

As Christians we are called to overcome the perverse pleasures of the world, and to become righteous, leading holy lives. For this, we have to abhor and avoid sin, adhering to what is good, by renewing our minds and imitating Christ, in his goodness, mercy and using all the gifts and charisms we are endowed with, by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We belong to Christ, as members of his Body, the Church, and we should love sincerely, without hypocrisy, devoting ourselves to one another, in a bond of Christian love.

Lord, you have instructed us to keep ourselves zealous in our faith, harboring no ill feelings towards unbelievers and dissenters, keeping our focus on you, for the greater good of your glory and putting into practice your covenant of loving one another, notwithstanding our circumstances. Looking to you, Lord, we will allow your characteristics to develop within us, to win over evil with good, for that is a victory of the soul. We will learn not to be even with those that wrong us, but be above our adversaries, by the Christlike charity we display, winning them to relent, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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