March 22, 2024
March 22, 2024
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Romans 10:17

22 March, 2024

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17

Abba Father, you have, through your Holy Word, instructed and guided your flock of believers throughout the ages, keeping your promises and increasing our faith in your faithfulness. You understand, dear Lord, our frailty and sinful nature and so have repeatedly, through your prophets, given us warnings and directions. Our strength comes from you O Lord, for your Holy Word has the Power of Life, and even in our unworthiness, we find that you answer our prayers, in your time, and your way, which is perfect for our lives.

We thank you, dear God, that our relationship with you is not weighed and measured, or under censure from you, for we are your children and you accept our faults and shortcomings and are ever forgiving when we pray with repentance in our hearts. Even when we are wrong, you gently show us the way, through the dictates of your Word, guarding us from evil when we entrust ourselves into your hands. We need not strive for you to respond. Our humble submission is all you want and we can rest in the truth that you know best how to turn the tide in our favor and make our lives anew and more like Christ in character.

Increase our faith dear Lord and help us grow in wisdom and understanding, by seeking your Holy Will always, and through spiritual guidance, to so grow in learning and imbibing in our lives the teaching of your Word, that through hearing and practice we may become messengers of your Holy Word to all, through our life and our example. May we be beacons of edifying Light, spreading the love of Christ through faith and hope of eternal life as awarded to us through belief in the gospel of Truth, through Jesus our Lord. Amen

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