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September 3, 2021
John 6:35
September 6, 2021
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James 5:13

4 September, 2021

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. – James 5:13

God of the Universe, Heavenly Father, as always, we look up to you with praise and songs of worship, thanking you for always being there and knowing when and in which sphere we need your help and your divine ministry in our lives. You are our Rock, Strength, our Divine Healer, our Providence, and our loving Father. We need to communicate with you and we pray in all circumstances, so that we may strengthen our relationship in faith.

When we are troubled and a weight of burdens is on our shoulder, we cry out and invoke your assistance, in full faith that you will abide with us and help us tide over troubled waters. When we are happy, we shout out our praises and thanksgiving, grateful for being blessed with your love, mercy and saving power. When afraid, in difficulty, in depressing times, when we seek peace, when we receive your graces, when you show your favor upon us, we express our gratitude.

Abba Father, you bless us with fortitude to face our day, for without you by our side, we would sink in anguish. We are afloat because your strong and mighty hand is holding ours in a firm grip. When we address you in faith and affirm your majesty, the happiness and blessings you bestow upon us are manifold, giving us confidence, reassurance, and rejoicing which we express through psalms and songs. For praise and worship expresses our mirth and unites us with you, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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