April 2, 2021
John 3: 14-15
April 3, 2021
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Luke 23: 34

2 April, 2021

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” They divided his garments by casting lots. – Luke 23:34

O Merciful God our Father, all goodness, love, mercy and faithfulness flow from you, for you are existentially good, gracious, merciful, loving and faithful. We worship, give you thanks and praise you for everything that you have done for all of us. From stretching your Mighty Hand to uplift us, to sending your only Son, Jesus, to end our slavery to sin and despair. You altered our destiny by making us new and holy and blessing us with mighty outpourings of your grace.

The incomparable and monumental sacrifice which our Savior Jesus made, when he undertook to purchase and procure for us the freedom from sin by suffering and dying on the Cross, is an eternal and infinite testimony of your love for mankind. It also gives hope in the certainty that true repentance is never too late. Christ upon the cross, is truly gracious and forgiving. He not only forgave the repentant thief crucified with him, but also the whole of humanity, appealing to you, Lord, to forgive your insensitive and disobedient people.

Though in the greatest struggle and agony, yet he had pity for a poor, humble penitent. By this act of grace we are made to understand that Jesus Christ died to open the kingdom of heaven to all repentant, obedient believers. Though he was humbled, derided, flogged, spat upon and his garment divided by casting lots, he completely and instantaneously forgave all who had sinned, knowing that they lacked the wisdom of the Spirit. May we not have recourse to ignorance as an excuse for sinfulness, but abide in the Spirit of truth, in our Savior Jesus’ Name. Amen

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2 Prayers

  1. Our Great and Loving God, you are Loving and Powerful, there is no one like you. Just like the people who refuse to recognize and believe in you, we too at this time, as believers in this modern age, we are also longing for your forgiveness. Even though we are not shouting to have our Lord Jesus Christ be nailed to the cross. But in our quality of life, in our behavior, in our living without justice, in our failure to live as you have willed us to have, we become like the people who gathered to ask that Your only son be crucified. Great God, have mercy on us. In the abundance of Your love forgive us. we promise that we will strive to be worthy of You, O our Great God. Amen.