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August 4, 2023
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August 5, 2023
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“I am the Door; anyone who enters through Me will be saved, and will go in and out, and find pasture.” – John 10:9

Only through Jesus we can enter into God’s Kingdom and be saved, living forever. He is the only “door” to God’s Kingdom and once we receive Him as Lord and repent of sin, we step into the spiritual realm. We are saved from all dangers of life, while we are in the secret place with Jesus and we will enjoy eternal life, where Jesus is! Once we enter His Kingdom, we are to daily make the right decisions by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and remain in Jesus.

God created us with free will, so we are free to have the most intimate relationship with Jesus, as there is a place where there is just His presence and us. It is like a place of green nutritious pastures, where our inner selves are feed and we become transformed more and more like the Beloved of our hearts. The more time we spend there, the deeper our roots will grow into the rich stable soil of being God’s children.

There we find the best protection, wisdom and clarity for what we are to do next, strength to handle all challenges and the right perspective about our lives. In the glory of our Lord’s presence we lack nothing and we learn how to reach out into the spiritual realm and get what Jesus has already provided for us. And that is health, wisdom, protection, guidance and everything we need to live right for God.

By entering into the spiritual realm, through Jesus, when we go out into our daily lives, we go out stronger and more confident, as we know that in our spirits we are covered, protected and people or demons cannot really hurt us in the long run. No matter how hard they try, our eternity is secure in Jesus and all the hurt of life, our Lord will turn for our good, one way or another. Those are the “green pastures” of spiritual security and abundance.

SUGGESTED PRAYER: Thank You dear Lord for showing me how important intimacy with You is. I love being in that place where only You surround me and my inner self feeds on the best food possible. Oh Lord, I need you more than anything and I want more of You! Please help me to be in You all the time, no matter what my circumstances are for me to never look for help or comfort anywhere else. Thank you Jesus for all the security and protection I have in You and the more time I spend in Your presence, the more blessed and happy I am. Amen

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