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Proverbs 20:7

29 May, 2022

A righteous man walks in integrity. Blessed are his children after him. Proverbs 20:7

Abba Father, gracious God and Father of us all, you created man in your image and likeness, lending him all your attributes, so he could cultivate the same in integrity and with dedication, growing in perfection, in accordance with your Holy Will. Mighty are you, Lord, for being the Father of all mankind, you perfected man to assume the same role on earth, empowering him to take on this weighty responsibility of transferring to his children the virtues and values which you had transmitted into him.

A man who can walk in your ways and acknowledge your sovereignty, is worthy to have his children emulate him, gaining his benediction, following his footsteps and adopting his hereditary qualities. Lord, you have handed to man the greatest responsibility of influencing his children and those around him, by faith and action guiding them to a reverence of character which will carry forward from generation to generation. A saintly personage generates saintly offspring.

As Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit and walking in faith in Jesus Christ, the task of imbibing in our children faithful and righteous Christian values to be carried forward to the next generation is a doubly weighing responsibility and its importance cannot be stressed enough. A wayward child of a saintly father is the worst condition a parent can suffer to handle. Thus it is imperative to inculcate in our children fear of God, the reward of righteous living and the consequences of adhering to sin. Lord, in humble supplication we call for your aid, for your grace in accomplishing this gigantic undertaking, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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